The efficiency and safety of your facility’s loading dock area depend on the suitability, 你们装货码头设备的质量和状况. 这包括装载码头板,板和找平系统. 虽然这些简单的仓储设备资产很容易被忽视, they are absolutely critical — a failure could lead to danger for your employees or, 至少, 为您的供应链带来昂贵的停机时间.

MINER是您的设备合作伙伴, 您可以优化任何和所有方面的您的装载码头板的使用. 这意味着:

正确维护装卸码头板系统,为安全指明了道路, 高效装卸作业. This means you should commit to reviewing and potentially upgrading these assets as soon as possible.


Loading dock plates are standard equipment in warehouse and distribution center facilities, providing a bridge between the loading dock lip and the bed of a truck or trailer while the vehicle is held in place by dock bumpers. A loading dock plate should have sufficient capacity to keep employees safe and productive during loading and unloading, 工人是否步行, 推手推车或操作叉车.

确保你不只是拥有这些资产, 但它们对于你的目的来说是正确的, 是任何设施所有者清单上的重要元素吗. 是时候问自己几个问题了:

  • 这个装货码头板够我用吗?: The size and weight of a steel loading dock plate in use on a dock should reflect the intended usage of the asset, 包括它的预期容量. Will people be traveling across on foot, or will they be driving forklifts? 要搬运的货物有多重? Is the plate the right size to be a bridge between the loading dock door and truck beds? Facilities converted from retail space to warehouse use are especially likely to have insufficient equipment in place for logistics operations.
  • 装货码头板有多久了?它的状况如何?: Good facility maintenance and upkeep means keeping tabs on every asset in the building. When there is clear and frequently updated data on loading dock equipment, 更容易计划主动维护和防止停机. 而装货码头板是一种没有活动部件的简单机器, 它仍然容易磨损,不能免于检查.
  • 机械式装卸码头找平机是否更合适?: 如果您的工厂正在寻求加速供应链运作, 也许是时候投资装货码头矫直机而不是钢板了. 这就减少了对体力劳动的需要, especially if you select a hydraulic dock leveler or powered loading dock leveler instead of a conventional mechanical dock leveler. Today’s vertical loading dock leveler systems take up less space than traditional pit levelers and enable loading dock doors to close and seal tightly, 让他们在各种各样的情况下工作.

There is one further element of loading dock plate design that should be addressed separately, 因为最重要的是:员工的安全. 考虑到工人们每天都要经过装卸码头, 有时搬运重物或操作电动叉车, it’s easy to see how an equipment deficiency or failure could lead to an accident.


Loading dock plate safety relies on the same best practices as general loading dock equipment selection: You have to ensure the assets are suitable for their purpose and well maintained. Increasing 安全意识 and cutting down on avoidable accidents around the loading dock are top priorities when operating a warehouse, and creating a safe environment depends on the upkeep of every piece of loading dock equipment.

The Occupational 安全 and Health Administration maintains regulations around loading dock plate safety as part of its 叉车操作安全指南. 除了规定卡车装卸的安全操作外, osha改进的指导方针包括一些设备要求, 如:

  • 车辆约束系统的使用: Every truck that pulls up to the loading dock needs to be held in place by specialized equipment. 而轮垫是最小的, many loading docks are upgrading to truck restraint systems integrated directly into the loading dock for greater safety. Semi trailers loaded or unloaded without trucks present may also need jacks to balance their weight.
  • 升降装卸码头板的安全方法: If employees move loading dock plates and boards into place by hand instead of deploying mechanical loading dock levelers, those plates need to have handles or other handholds to ensure they are easy to pick up and carry.
  • 有足够的锚来装载码头板; Putting a loading dock plate or board into place should be done carefully, and personnel must have access to equipment to prevent the assets from sliding while people or forklifts are moving across them.

In addition to making sure loading dock equipment is up to high standards, 设施主管应该确保他们有 对每位员工进行充分培训 在与其角色相关的最佳实践中. 即使是最好的资产也可能因操作失误而毁于一旦.



Selection and installation of loading dock warehouse solutions should be a major priority for any organization that engages in truck-based logistics operations. From a loading dock ramp to a mechanical dock leveler or anything in between, 你选择的装货码头设备应该来自 领先的原始设备制造商, be installed by experts and protected by comprehensive maintenance and emergency service plans.

Choosing MINER as your national equipment service provider means gaining access to the top loading dock plate and loading dock leveler solutions from the best OEMs. MINER’s status as a high-volume buyer means your organization will get priority status when in the market for new warehouse equipment.

此外,MINER专业人员确保所有仓库设备都是安全的 正确安装,为您成功装卸做好准备. When loading dock ramp, board, plate and leveler assets are installed by professionals, 安全意识 整体效率可以提高.

Your loading dock area is at its best when protected by a comprehensive, 主动维护策略. 通过整合定期调查的结果, you can ensure assets are being treated with sufficient attention and care to keep it in top condition.

单个装载码头板的故障可能导致毁灭性的伤害, making it clear that these pieces of equipment belong as part of your maintenance strategy, 还有更复杂和机械的资产. 只要装货码头板和找平机保持正常工作状态, they are key enablers of safe and fast-moving loading and unloading; work cannot proceed without them.

以防资产宕机, your maintenance strategy should include the option of emergency repair service. 当你 与MINER合作, 你可以进入训练有素的, experienced technicians to resolve loading dock equipment issues quickly and completely. 这是主动维护的必要补充, though taking better care of your equipment can reduce unplanned repairs by as much as 50%.

If you’re ready to comprehensively inspect and inventory your warehouse equipment, optimize your current loading dock plate solution or begin picking new equipment, 今天就申请报价.